432 MHz: Dirk ON5OF ON5OF at hotmail.com

ON5OF/F : ON5OF his array in France 8 times DJ9BV opt. 11 wavelength, open wire feedlines




16 x 23 el. Flexa Yagi (DL6WU)

15.8 dB/ant. Spacing is 1.7m. hor. and 1.6m. vert.

Phasing lines: Aircom coax

Azimuth rotor: RC5B. Elevation rotor: KLM EL3000.

Tx line is 25m. 7/8" celflex (-1dB)

PA: GS35B final with GI7Driver: 1600 watts output

Preamp.: SSB Electronics NF= 0.5bdB + 2nd preamp SSB

RX: Japan Radio JST-245 with high IP converter, Timewave 59+ DSP or FT100 HAMVIEUW 2.1

TX: Icom IC820H tono 9000 used as keyer

In France : 8 times 11 wavelength DJ9BV optimised with open feedlines, 450 Watts output at this time (4/2001)